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              Offset Press Tools & Gauges

The proper use of the following tools and gauges eliminate the uncertainty when

there is a printing problem . Knowing where settings are instead of guessing were

they are (knowing what it ain’t) will reduce down time and greatly increase quality.


Gaining knowledge of these tools and using them will ensure the quality of print and ease in which this can be achieved is amazing. When the basics of lithography are observed printing becomes relatively simple.


Tools provide press operators with accurate readings and enable them to diagnose problems. This information keeps your pressman informed and helps them maintain print quality and production.


This measuring device has several very important  functions to assist in maintaining color and diagnose the quality of print. At least one densitometer should read Density, Dot Gain or Area and Trapping


        Blanket Packing Gauge

Take the guess  work out of where plates and blankets are in relation to  bearers is critical in dot gain and transfer of ink. In order to run work that match proofs and rerun jobs that will match the last time it ran this gauge is indispensable.

       Ink Film Thickness Gauge

Used to measure ink film. Improper ink film has a negative bearing on your ability to control density, ink-water balance, drying time and numerous other problems.

    Shore Gauge (Durometer)

This instrument measures roller and blanket hardness to ensure they are within manufacturers specification.

Tools and Gauges

The importance of having the proper tools & gauges.

There uses  and how they have a direct effect on quality and production.

Six tools you'll need to get the maximum

performance from you Komori.

These tools assist in diagnosing printing problems and protect your press from

possible damage.

Taylor Graphic Services offers instructional classes for your employees.


     Conductivity Meter

Measures Fountain Solution to

ensure accuracy when mixing solution. eliminates guesswork 

Torque Wrench

Ensures blankets on all units are tightened

to  press manufactures specifications and surface speed and circumference are uniform on all cylinders